go deeper

WILD SIRENDA is a MOVEMENT. Our message through our MUSIC is part of a greater offering that INSPIRES CONNECTEDNESS, living LIFE to its fullest and LISTENING to your HEART in every moment, to both realise your DREAMS and fulfil your greatest POTENTIAL. We have TRANSFORMED our own worlds through living LIFE with a different perspective. Both having overcome longterm personal challenges to discover a FREEDOM and an ALIVENESS that opens our world to new experience every day. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE JOY. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE GRATITUDE. 


Through FESTIVALS, CEREMONY, workshop and retreats we have been sharing ways to HEAL and EMPOWER through CREATIVE expression. Should you enjoy the MAGIC that we embody, whether in person, in our social media sharings or our music/LIVE performance and wish to GO DEEPER to find ways to connect more to that feeling for yourself, then we invite you to join our Workshops, Raw Cacao and Dance Ceremonies or Retreats. Using different techniques in breath, movement, dance, voice and sacred cacao, we create a space for you to go deep within to discover your own WILD and SURRENDERED being.


Stay connected for upcoming dates throughout the year.